Monday, March 07, 2011

Logging JDBC calls

Today I found some my drafts of JDBC logger library. And finally decided to upload it on Google code. The main idea of the library is to transparently intercept JDBC calls and log queries (even for PreparedStatement).

It’s always painful to analyze log with JDBC calls:

1025 [main] INFO JDBC - insert into TEST (NAME, POS) VALUES(?, ?)

Looks not very useful unless you are printing parameters passed to PreparedStatement. Even some of my colleagues pointed that they hate PreparedStatement because of it.

Pretty straightforward solution is to intercept JDBC calls and create some simple log statement. That’s what actually library is doing. I won’t describe it’s usage here, since I already did it on usage page. In short the only thing you have to do is to wrap data source: new LoggableDataSource(ds, new Slf4JLogger()). And that’s what you automatically get:

394 [main] INFO JDBC - insert into TEST (NAME, POS) VALUES(name-0, 0)

It works with any DataSource and various logging libraries. It could be useful during development and testing.

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